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We recognize you can get your home winemaking supplies all over the internet, but we want you to shop here! To realize that goal we offer competive pricing and no profit on shipping; however, we do not feel that is enough to get you to come back, time and time again. The difference maker has to be customer service! Whether you place a big order, small order or just need assistance, service is our #1 goal.

In an effort to demonstrate our committment to service, we will post emails from our customers. We will post emails that make us proud and emails that make us want to perform better. If you have any comments regarding our service, we would like to hear them. Send them to winemaster@finevinewines.com.

We also have surveys. To see the results of our surveys, click on the following link:


Below are some of the emails we have received:



Thank you for your assistance.

I greatly appreciate this kind off customer service. WOW! I'm not used to this. My friend was right. He has been very happy ordering from you, participates on your forum and mentioned I should give you a try.


Gisela - Virginia



No it's fine.  I want to keep this order current.  I just had a bad day, so thanks for dealing with a cranky customer!

John – Missouri



Thanks George.

I appreciate the coupon - although I would have continued to order from you anyway.  Love your customer service, web site and all (especially the finished product!).

Kristin – Georgia



Mr Cornelius

Thank you so much for your assistance!! I don't think anyone can beat your customer service.....and I do look forward to doing business with you in the future. I'm excited to get back on track with my wine.....and to start more!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.....

Sincerely Mike – Washington


Today I came across your 17 lesson you-tube series on wine making.  I rec'd a kit for my birthday in Jan of this year.  It came VERY incomplete.  The store my wife purchased it from was NOT helpful.. They told me that it was self-explanatory once I opened the box of juice.  NOT!!  I am doing a red zinfandel. 

I was able to sanitize all the primary fermentation parts and utensils properly.  I am now ready, (in three days) to go to secondary.
THANK GOD I came across your series! 

I had planned on trying wine making once all my home building projects were done.  I guess she couldn't wait for that.  But I'm close to retiring so, what ever--.
Doug – Washington



Thanks George.  I really appreciate that.  Even though you are a long way from Ohio I keep shopping with you because you always take care of your customers.  There are a few places around here to buy wine kits but your prices are very competitive even with the additional cost of the shipping and your selection is better than I have seen anywhere else.  Thanks again George.

Adam – Ohio




Thank you very much for taking care of this and accidents happen. What matters is, what takes place after the accident. True to your word and everyone else I have communicated with, you still provide exceptional service.

Thank you,
Jason – Washington




I've been to your store a couple of times, but have just gotten onto your website. It is very well organized and hard to move away from! There are a lot of "big" companies that aren't near as good as this one. Also, the videos are very good - probably the way Bob Villa got started :)

Monte – Texas


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