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About Fine Vine Wines

Fine Vine Wines, LLC, The Wine Maker's Toy Store, starting selling quality home wine making kits in February 2003, after the owner discovered how easy is was to make retail quality wines from the luxury of his own home.  Fine Vine Wines is here to promote and encourage the home wine making market, be it through providing guidance, advice, tips and hopefully, supplying the home vintner with all of the equipment and supplies they need to make this quality wine.

Our wine making kits take less than 4 total hours to make 30 bottles of retail quality wine. Our wine making kits are so easy; you can even make wine while watching TV.  Our wine making kits are so good, Fine Vine Wines, LLC guarantees your success.  If you are not satisfied with your wine from our kit, we will refund your money.

The Company is owned and operated out of Dallas, TX. The owners have made over 300 batches of wine, which translates into 1,800 gallons or 9,000 bottles (They made sure they stayed under the legal limit!). All of this wine was made from home wine making kits manufactured by Mosti Mondiale, Cellar Craft and R.J. Spagnols and frozen grapes and Must from Mosti Mondiale. There are several companies producing home wine making kits, but only wine kits from Mosti Mondiale, Cellar Craft and R.J. Spagnols are currently available from The Wine Maker's Toy Store.

In 2009, we expanded our product line to include equipment, supplies and ingredients for home brewers. To maintain our high level of customer support and service, our resident home brewer has over 20 years of experience. We can assist you in making excellent beers, as well as, helping you with your kegging and equipment needs.

We continue to expand our product list rapidly, so if you don't find what you are looking for, please send us an email. We will do everything we can to find what you are looking for, even if it means, sending you to another site. Your 100% satisfaction with us is the only way we can keep our business thriving.

Important dates in the history of Fine Vine Wines, LLC, "The Wine Maker's Toy Store":

  • 07/05/02 - Fine Vine Wines, LLC was incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas.
  • 03/05/03 - First sale.
  • 05/24/03 - Web site posted.
  • 10/09/04 - Retail store opened to the public with limited hours.
  • 03/11/05 - Trademark "The Wine Maker's Toy Store" temporarily awarded to Fine Vine Wines, LLC.
  • 04/02/05 - Fine Vine Wines featured in USA Today Weekend article.
  • 04/12/05 - Retail store hours expanded to 5 full days per week.
  • 06/14/05 - First radio advertising spot aired.
  • 10/01/05 - Retail store hours expanded to 6 full days per week.
  • 03/15/06 - Trademark "The Wine Maker's Toy Store" officially registered to Fine Vine Wines, LLC.
  • 05/06/06 - Winestock 2006 with Tim Vandergrift was held!
  • 07/18/06 - Ordering system integrated with PayPal!
  • 12/15/06 - Added Mosti Mondiale line of wine kits.
  • 09/30/07 - Winestock 2007 was held!
  • 10/15/07 - Store moved to a 4,000 foot location on the access road of Interstate 35.
  • 05/18/08 - Won 4 medals in the 2008 WineMaker Magazine International Competition
  • 07/15/08 - Added Online Wine Making Videos
  • 10/01/08 - Added Cellar Craft line of wine kits
  • 04/10/09 - Winestock 2009 with Nino Piazzi from Mosti Mondiale was held!
  • 05/16/09 - Store won 4 medals in the 2009 WineMaker Magazine International Competition
  • 11/01/09 - Added Home Brew products
  • 11/15/09 - Expanded product line of RJ Spagnols wine kits
  • 05/21/10 - Store won 9 medals in the 2010 WineMaker Magazine International Competition
  • 05/13/11 - Store won 5 medals in the 2011 WineMaker Magazine International Competition
  • 12/01/12 - Expanded into commerial winery equipment
  • 06/25/12 - Store moved 2 blocks up the road to a 7,000 square foot facility.
  • 05/25/13 - Store won 5 medals in the 2011 WineMaker Magazine International Competition
  • 10/06/13 - Store hours expanded to 7 days a week
  • 11/13/13 - Expanded product line to include equipment for micro breweries and distilleries.
  • 08/01/14 - Added Winexpert wine kits.
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